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tern colony at Cemlyn, Anglesey, 1st July 2014

my short recording of the tern colony at Cemlyn Lagoons on Anglesey….. a brackish set of natural lagoons hidden behind a shingle bank with islands which every breeding seasons are home to tens of dozens of Sandwich, Common and sometimes Arctic terns……. it is both in the Anglesey Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a North Wales Wildlife Trust Reserve…..

Terns at Cemlyn, Anglesey

Anglesey · birds · birdsong · dawn chorus · mucis · nature · ornithology · sound · Wales · wildlife

more early morning soundscapes, 22nd June 2014

the tinkling of birds in and around my garden, including the Song Thrush and Chiffchaff, occasional Jackdaw, Rook, maybe a finch or two….. and no doubt other things lurking underneath the melee…..

more early morning birdsong from a garden in Anglesey

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in the beginning…..

Just got this my “sifting sounds” site started, so I hope you’ll drop by and maybe give some of my posts a listen….. they’ll be a bit of this and a bit of that, nature, wildlife, sound in general, maybe even a song or two.  All recordings are my own, copyrighted and published as such.

… enjoy…..

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